To celebrate the life, legacy and memory of Dylan Rieder, we held a photo show at 1700 Naud in conjunction with the release of the 4th Edition of the Dylan Driver shoe.

Featuring framed photographs of Dylan by photographers Atiba Jefferson, Ryan Allan, John Bradford, Jonathan Mehring, Andrew Peters, Chris Searl, Brian Kelley, and Mark Oblow.

Each framed photo print was  up for auction with all proceeds being donated to City Of Hope. Plus a special performance by Cat Power.

Special thanks to everyone who came and made it a great night.

Video by: James Messina

Ryan Allan
Cat Power

All three editions of the Dylan Driver were on display and available for auction to benefit City Of Hope

Dylan’s mom Dana and Cat Power
Cat Power, Dana, Keith Hufnagel
Wilder & Ako

Austyn Gillette, Mason Silva, and Craig Anderson
Eric Koston

Photos by: Morgnar 

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